Gabba Gabba Huh?

Talks! Episode 43 - Prehistoric Jon and Eric Huskins

June 08, 2021 Mike Phillips
Gabba Gabba Huh?
Talks! Episode 43 - Prehistoric Jon and Eric Huskins
Show Notes

Finally back with a new Talks! episode! This week I got to hang out with two of my best friends and record one heck of an episode for you. Jon Bowman returns to talk about a new single called Fight, that he's dropping TODAY (go listen at as you won't hear the whole thing in this episode)! Eric Huskins from Van Huskins also joins us for a very unfocused episode! In addition to discussing the new single right up front, we get a little bit all over the place (and have a few beers along the way), talking about everything from old school recording techniques, band vs solo project differences, talking on the phone (and hanging up), classic punk bands, old guys playing pop punk, The Milestone, and get around to talking a little bit about Van Huskins at the end, as well as give a few nods to our friends at Something Good For Ya. I still have an hour and forty five minutes of audio to go through, so look for some of that on Patreon soon (and a possible part two mini episode down the road).

Songs for GGHT43:

Prehistoric Jon - Fight
Prehistoric Jon - Star Hotel
Van Huskins - Rabid Dogs and Giant Snakes
Warboys US - Blackfinger
SFTM - You're Gonna Die
The Accidents - Reruns of Rhoda
Self Made Monsters - Mindbender
Warboys US - Warboys Alma Mater

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