Gabba Gabba Huh?

Talks! Episode 41 - StormWatchers

May 11, 2021
Gabba Gabba Huh?
Talks! Episode 41 - StormWatchers
Show Notes

This week, I talk to Celeste King, Matt Owens, and Thomas Stanfel of the band, StormWatchers! In addition to their personal journeys, we talk about "making it to the other side", starting to book shows, getting into the studio, backhanded compliments, corpse paint, Grateful Dead cover bands, "Heavy Rock",  and we end it by talking about some of our favorite bands from the area over the years, before Thomas remembers one more band he played in with one of my previous guests.

Songs for GGHT41: 

StormWatchers - Oblivion
Arms of Venus - Natural Child
gogoPilot - Arkadelphia
The Red and the Black - Elmwood
StormWatchers - Storm Watcher
StormWatchers - Birds of Fire
StormWatchers - The Call

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