Gabba Gabba Huh?

Radio - Episode 27

May 05, 2021 Mike Phillips
Gabba Gabba Huh?
Radio - Episode 27
Show Notes

Taking another week off from Talks! so it's time for another radio episode! This week, I debut a new song by Queen City Rejects, from their upcoming GGH Records cassette release, Run 'Em Out!, play five songs from the Southern Punk Archive bandcamp page, and finish it off with a song from a recently acquired holy grail of NC punk rock!

Songs from GGHR27:

Queen City Rejects - Truth
Dead Things - Carolina's Burning
Fetchin'  Bones - So Brilliant
Nasty Ponies - Flashflood
Rogue Nations - Be Your Own Rogue Nation
Jacuzzi Suicide - Tappan Square
Grids - Suits
Uwharria - Dung Beetles
Vanilla Trainwreck - Suspencia
The Dirty Version - The Yellow Stripe
Rabid Salesmen - Existing

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